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Who is Will Maltaite?

Tout a commencé un soir de février 1958, le vingt-trois pour être exact. Un grand dessinateur de bande dessinée de la fameuse école Belge se démenait comme un beau diable à maîtriser sa traction avant DKW entre les Hêtres de la forêt de Soignes, bordant une route particulièrement enneigée . Il y parvint visiblement, car je ne me fait pas l’effet d’un fantôme à l’heure où je vous écrit ces quelques mots. Par contre il serait malhonnête de ma part de dire que je me souviens de ce premier jour, tout autant que de la fameuse Expo 58. Pourtant j’y ai été et il paraît même que la deuxième fois je l’ai vue de mes yeux vus….

Will (Willy Maltaite)

Généreux, souriant, rigolard, discret, talentueux en diable, cet “hombre” de l’ombre, dessinateur de BD, donna vie, pendant plus de 35 ans, aux célèbres personnages de Tif et Tondu. Sa verve de coloriste et d’aquarelliste l’amena tout naturellement à participer à la création de projets de décors pour des dessins animés, notamment ceux du célèbre Marsupilami sorti de la forêt de Palombie et de l’imagination richissime d’André Franquin. Will est également le créateur de la mignonne Isabelle qui, accompagnée de sa tante Calendula et de l’oncle Hermès, se promène en calèche dans l’univers surréaliste d’une galaxie ambulante.
Mais au-delà des phylactères et des petits “Mickeys”, Will est aussi un peintre à part entière. Fauviste, expressionniste, il joue sensuellement avec les matières et les coloris. La femme, bien entendu, est le centre de toutes ses compositions. C’est une joie de découvrir cette “fesse” cachée de l’artiste. Quelle rondeur, quelle puissance, quelle générosité! (texte de Paul Ide)

Willy Maltaite (also known as Will) is a Belgian comics artist and writer. He is best known for creating the series “Soda” and “Lucky Luke.” He has been working in the comics industry since the 1970s and continues to create new comics to this day.

Will and Pizza Story

Once upon a time, there was a man named Will who loved pizza more than anything else in the world. He would often spend his evenings trying new pizza places, searching for the perfect slice.

One day, while wandering through the streets of his hometown, he stumbled upon a small, unassuming pizzeria. The aroma of fresh dough and melted cheese wafted out from the open door, and Will knew he had to try it.

He stepped inside and was greeted by a warm, friendly man behind the counter. The man introduced himself as Tony, the owner and head chef of the pizzeria.

Will ordered a plain cheese pizza and sat down to wait for his order. As he sat there, he couldn’t help but notice the care and attention that Tony put into making each and every pizza. He used only the freshest ingredients and took his time to ensure that each pizza was cooked to perfection.

Finally, Will’s pizza arrived and he took his first bite. It was unlike anything he had ever tasted before. The crust was crispy and the cheese was gooey and delicious. He couldn’t believe how much he enjoyed it.

From that day on, Will became a regular customer at Tony’s pizzeria. He would come in every week to try a new pizza, and he and Tony became good friends. Will even started to help Tony in the kitchen, learning the secrets of how to make the perfect pizza.

Years went by and Will eventually decided to open his own pizzeria, using all the knowledge he had gained from Tony. He named it “Will’s Pizza” in honor of his mentor, who had taught him everything he knew about making delicious pizza.

Will’s Pizza became very popular and Will was known as a Pizza master. His pizza’s were the best in the town, and people came from far and wide to taste his creations.

Will never forgot his roots and was always grateful to Tony for introducing him to the world of pizza. He even named a pizza on the menu after his mentor, the “Tony Special”, which was made with all of Tony’s secret ingredients.

And so, Will’s love for pizza led him on a journey of discovery, friendship, and ultimately, success. And he lived happily ever after, surrounded by pizza.

Will and his best like comic rug

Once upon a time, there was a man named Will who loved comics more than anything else in the world. He was a talented artist and writer, and spent most of his days creating new comics and stories.

One day, while browsing in a local antique shop, Will came across a beautiful rug that caught his eye. It was an intricate design made up of different comic book characters and scenes. Will was immediately drawn to it and knew he had to have it.

He purchased the rug and brought it home, excited to add it to his collection of comic-themed decor. But as soon as he unrolled it on the floor, he realized that there was a problem. The rug was too small for his living room, and it didn’t fit in well with the rest of his furniture.

Feeling disappointed, Will decided to put the rug in his studio instead. He used the rug as inspiration and started to create a new comic series based on the characters and scenes from the rug.

The series was a hit, and soon Will became a well-known and respected comic creator. He was invited to conventions and panels all over the country, and his comics were enjoyed by fans of all ages.

But Will never forgot about the rug that had started it all. He always kept it in his studio as a reminder of how a small, unexpected discovery can lead to big things.

Years went by and Will decided to retire from comics creation. He decided to open a comic-themed store and named it “Will’s Comics” in honor of his passion. In the store he had a special corner where he placed the rug, always reminding him of his journey as a comic creator.

Will’s Comics became very popular and Will was known as a comic guru. His store was the go-to place for comic enthusiasts and collectors. He was always happy to share his knowledge and love of comics with anyone who walked through the door.

And so, Will’s love for comics led him on a journey of discovery, creativity, and ultimately, success. And he lived happily ever after, surrounded by comics and the rug that had started it all.


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